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T Branding is the life-long culmination of its founder, Tiphaine Guillemet, to form a branding studio that aspires to the highest standards of best-practice design principles combined with a first-hand knowledge of worldwide esthetics. Born in Africa and having lived in France, Switzerland and the Dominican Republic, Tiphaine is fluent in three languages, as well as the art and disciplines of graphic design and art direction. She currently enjoys living and working in New York City, and embraces the challenges associated with a career in one of the most exciting places on Earth.


As a designer, Tiph thrives in an environment where she can engage with like-minded individuals who share a passion for branding across a broad range of activities. While her career originated with fashion and luxury brands, Tiph has added the unique field of health and wellness to her scope of expertise over the past 10 years. Always excited to discover new frontiers, Tiph welcomes the opportunity to discuss your branding challenges and how she can add significant value to any initiative.


Tiphaine frequently serves as a judge at showcase design awards such as the New York Festivals, The Pentawards, the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Portfolio Center.

Tiphaine Guillemet

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