Branding New York State’s first foray into medical marijuana


In 2015, New York State assigned licenses to five carefully-vetted independent entrepreneurs to create five different brands of, essentially, a generic substance: medical marijuana. New York’s law was the most restrictive of all: no loose-leaf product, a vertically integrated operation from growing to extracting to selling in dispensaries, and a limitation of eligible medical conditions which must be validated by certified physicians for their patients.  While the great majority of medical marijuana brands used the distinctive five-pointed leaf icon and the color green, T Branding broke through the clutter using the same disciplined branding processes for other regulated pharmaceuticals.  The result was the state’s only well-branded ethical entity, Allayent.


Materials included logo, brand architecture for the required fixed-ratio doses and forms of cannabinoids, packaging, web, print materials, internal and marketing templates and guidelines.

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