Gwynedd Mercy University:
Rebranding a small, Catholic college
as a university

Gwynedd Mercy College is small college in rural Pennsylvania inspired by the Catholic teachings of the Sisters of Mercy.  Despite the parochial history, the school had significantly expanded beyond its original mission to now offer a job-oriented curriculum to first-generation college students. T Branding’s challenge was to retain the historical underpinnings of the Mercy mission, yet infuse the design with a more contemporary look and feel that reflected how it inspired growth and opportunities other universities did not. Of greatest note is the logo, which retained and updated the school’s symbol of a griffin, now poised on a “runway” to take flight into the future. Matched with angled lines in the simplified color palette, and a tag line that reads, “discover the Next,” T Branding helped create an aspirational call to action. 


Materials include logo, signage, print promotion, stationery, guidelines and collateral.

T Branding  - Copyrights 2017